Our Commitment


The Richard E. Dunmire Guide Service is committed to providing  clients with an excellent outdoors experience.

Learning and participating in the sport of fly fishing is fun and exciting. Outdoor day trips planned to the clients wishes, are also enjoyable, relaxing and safe. 

All trips include instruction, all equipment needed and lunch. Richard drives most of the time. Additional days/time can be added upon request.  

Upcoming Trips


Register Today for our Fly Fishing Trips to the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania" in Pine Creek Gorge State Park - one of teastern United States' premier trout streams!

Pine Creek

Guided Day Fishing Trips in Western Pennsylvania

Steelhead & Brown Trout Fly Fishing

The streams and rivers that drain into Lake Erie from Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania make up the explosive fishery known as Steelhead Alley. Unnaturally large runs of fish rival or exceed those of native steelhead fisheries and provide anglers with one of the best opportunities in the region to catch this sporting fish.

Join Richard on one of our many day trips as we fish the steelhead streams of Pennsylvania in search of these hard charging, acrobatic, drag melting fish. "Trib Fishing" is mostly sight fishing in shallow riffles and runs with the occasional deep pool. The tributaries are extremely wader friendly and most of the time you'll be knee deep or less. Fishing is done with rods from 8 and 9 weight floating lines, and a reel with a good drag system. The average fish ranges from 5-10 lbs and can tip the scales as high as 15 lbs! More

Walleye and Perch Lake Erie Fishing

With some of the best fishing to be found anywhere, Lake Erie fishing is sure to provide you with an action packed experience that is sure to rival any other fishing trips in which you may have participated. Whether you come alone or bring the whole family, you will be sure to be able to return home with a unique story to tell about your trip, as well as many fantastic memories that you will not be able to get anywhere else in the world. 

Join Richard on one of our day trips as we fish the "Walleye Capital of the World" or seek out the many other fish in lake Erie, including yellow perch, steelhead trout, or small mouth bass.


   JULY 18, 2011

"Richard took care of all of the details and showed us a wonderful time.!" Steve S..

   October 10, 2011

"Never had so much fun standing in waist deep cold water."
Susan R.

   November 21, 2011

"Our family trip to Oil Creek with Richard was a blast! The kids loved it."
Tom W.